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What is Trampolinn ?

Trampolinn is a home exchange community based on an innovative night swapping system

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Viaggi alla portata di tutti

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Viaggi alla portata di tutti

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Viaggi alla portata di tutti

For owner and tenant

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Our home exchange revolution

Each member list for free what they are willing to offer to travelers around the world: Their home while they are out, a private room or even their couch in the living room. While hosting travelers, our members accumulate points which they can then use to travel and stay anywhere for free

Essere parte della nuova ondata di economia collaborativa, Trampolinn si posiziona come la rete sociale di peer-to-peer sistemazione , che riunisce migliaia di viaggiatori accross il mondo che desiderano scambiare o semplicemente condividere le loro case per stare dove e quando vogliono per libero

My friends' friends are my friends

A common friend with a member eases the contact process and allows a safe stay on Trampolinn. By inviting your friends with Facebook or by email, you build a group of trust with your connections and with your friends' friends. Thanks to those circles, you will have access to a great accommodations' offer with hosts you already know.

friend of my friend

My best friend ...

friend of my friend

... has a friend ...

friend of my friend

... who owns my dream place to go on holidays!

Pourquoi dormir chez l'habitant

Home swapping is the best to share with locals but it's also the opportunity to discover the culture of a country with authentic experiences. Rather than sleeping at the hotel, booking a room at a locals' home allows you to travel cheaper but it's also a new dimension for your holidays far from touristic activities. Besides, you benefit from your host's advice and recommendation to visit unusual and uniques spots of the city.

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