Ambassadors Program



Ambassadeur Trampolinn

Who are Trampolinn’s Ambassadors ?

• Our ambassadors are dynamic and enthusiastic persons who are eager to engage themselves into new and original projects to developer their network and meet new people. 
• They are passionate, they want to discover the world, they love to travel, to experience unique moments, to share with locals from different countries
• From now on they represent and embody Trampolinn in the major cities of the world and are responsible to find new members to join our fabulous community.

Why to become a member?

• Our goal is that our ambassadors become a strong, unique and precious group on Trampolinn with a very important role within our platform. As representative, they are integrated in an active and growing community.
• Be part of our ambassador program allows you to: :
  1. Develop your network and your friends circle
  2. Get a special points plan that you can use to stay abroad alone or with a partner  
  3. Access to the most remarkable and popular properties of our website     
  4. Be invited to the special events organized by Trampolinn
  5. Participate to the local annual meeting of Trampolinn’s ambassadors
  6. Obtain a special status on our social networks       
  7. Answer to a exclusive interview that will be published on our blog


What is his mission?

The ambassadors represent Trampolinn at local level. 

• They are in charge of spreading the concept and make Trampolinn to be known among their friends, next of kin, colleagues and to find new members in order to develop the Trampolinn community.

• They can be involved in different ways: 

- Contacting people they know and helping them to register on Trampolinn 
- Sharing content, information, article on social networks     
- Participating at Trampolinn events  
- Presenting Trampolinn to journalists           
- Be part of street marketing actions

The level of implication of the ambassadors will depend on their availability and on their own motivation. 



• Everybody can be an ambassador! Nevertheless it’s recommended to live in the city where you are ambassador.

• The ambassador has to be available to be in contact with the Trampolinn Team in order to coordinate the actions 

• He has to be strongly motivated to live an unique experience and to make the project succeed.


We are looking for people like you!

If you are interested, send and email to