How to find a home on Trampolinn ? 




Create your travel plan

First, we invite you to create one or more "travel plans", or "projects". Though these projects are optional, they can facilitate your search for accommodations (see below).  Create a new project by entering the following criteria:

  1. Your dream destinations (cities, countries, or geographic areas you’d like to visit);
  2. Sports or cultural activities you’d like to attend or participate in
  3. Dates you plan to travel; (these can either be fixed or flexible or even left blank);
  4. The number of people travelling with you
  5. Your preferred type of accommodation (house or apartment / private room / shared room / sofa).

Once your travel plan is created, we will make suggestions based on the criteria you’ve entered. You can then consult the suggested listings and/or contact the host for more information. You can create and store multiple travel plans, and edit or delete them whenever you like.

We advise you to allow as much flexibility as possible when creating your travel plans, particularly in terms of dates and destinations, to obtain as many initial bids as possible. You can then refine your searches by adding additional criteria.


"Your profile interests them"

Hosts who might be interested in accommodating you in your travel plans can contact you and let you know what they have to offer. This appears in "Your project / profile interests them." By contacting these hosts directly so you can come to mutually agreeable terms, you increase the chances of having your travel plans come to fruition.


View Available Accommodations

You can either view suggested listings based on the information you entered in your travel plans or use our search engine to quickly search for available offers.

The benefits of using "travel plans" are:
1. Your search criteria are saved;
2. Every time you “re-connect”, suggestions for accommodations are updated to reflect new entries, changes in availability, etc.;
3. You can easily select the offers that appeal to you the most from the list of suggestions and add them to your favorites for quicker, easier access when it’s time to finalize your vacation plans;
4. You can keep in touch with hosts who have already shown interest in your profile and your "travel plans";
5. You can receive the suggestions by e-mail


Contact Your Host

When you find a listing that interests you, contact the host to see if he is able to receive you. If he accepts, then it’s up to the two of you to work together to determine the length of stay, get the answers to any questions about the listing, its amenities, any house rules that need to be adhered to as well as any other factors that need to be considered so that your stay is as pleasant as possible. If the host cannot accommodate you, try another listing.