How to find a home on Trampolinn ? 


Here is how you can become an expert Trampolinner in 3 steps: complete your profile, describe your home, and search for an accommodation.

Good to know: you will earn points as you continue to fill out your profile! (Trampolinn users pay in points, not euros)

These points then permit you to find your accommodations for free ;) If you would like more information you can read our article: The Point System


Complete your profile


1/ Add a profile photo

Since speaking to a flower pot or a landscape is not very fun it is important that you upload a photo of yourself (and not one of your pet, no matter how cute they are) to your profile. This will increase the trust on the site and of course it is nice to add a face to a name, especially if you are going to this person’s house.


2/ Fill out your your description

The information that you provide serves to help other Trampolinners to get to know you. No need to tell us your entire life story since you were a small child; simply present yourself and add a touch of individuality if you want.


Not feeling inspired? Here are a few questions about you that you can answer in your description:

  • What do you do for a living? (student or career)

  • Where have you traveled? Where do you dream of going?

  • What are your interests?

  • How do you prefer to travel and receive guests?

This will help you create a trusting environment -- no one wants to invite a traveler in their home if they know nothing about them!

Completing your profile to 100% will earn you 200 POINTS!


3/ Become a pro member

Is your profile complete? Discover all the advantages to be a “pro member.” You will earn more points -- giving you more opportunity to go on vacation ;) -- you will have no reservation fees, and you will be offered a free ID verification to become a “verified member.”

You can learn more about the details and fees of becoming a pro member here:


Describe your accommodation

1/ Add photos of your home

These photos will allow members to envision themselves in your home; it will make them dream and they will immediately want to come stay in your home! As they say, “a photo is worth a thousand words.”


2/ Describe your home

We will help you complete this step by asking you several questions about your home: number of rooms, surface size, number of guests who can be accommodated, etc. There is no judgement of value involved; these questions simply permit others to find an accommodation that corresponds to their search. There are advantages to big homes and small studios alike! ;)


3/ Availability dates of your home

You have at your disposal a calendar where you can note the dates that you are available to receive guests and alternatively when your home is not available. Fill your calendar out carefully to avoid receiving requests that do not interest you and so that other members searching for an accommodation will not be given any false hopes. Filling out all the required information fields for your home will earn you 350 POINTS!

Search for an accommodation

1/ Look through listings

You are able to view suggested listings linked to your travel plans or use our search engine to consult the homes that are currently available.


2/ Put your preferred accommodations in your favorites

Each member is notified when another person adds their home to their favorites by a notification sent to the section “People interested in your listing.” They can then consult your profile and contact you. This feature greatly increases your chances of finding the perfect accommodation for your travels.


3/ Create your “travel plan”

Here are the advantages to having a “travel plan”:

- Your search preferences are saved

- The home suggestions offered to you are updated every time you login (new listings, changes made to calendars, etc)

- You can select your favorite listings among the suggestions offered and put them in your “favorites” to have faster access to them


We invite you to add one or more “travel plans” by selecting the preferences of your choice for your next vacation.

- Your dream destination (cities, countries, geographic areas, etc)

- Activities available (cultural, physical, etc)

- The dates that you are available to travel (fixed or flexible dates, or even no dates!)

- The number of people you are traveling with

- The type of accommodation you wish to find (entire home, private room, shared room, couch, etc)


Once your travel plan has been created we will offer you suggestions of available listings that match your preferences. You can then consult these listings and contact the hosts to learn more. You are welcome to create more than one travel plan and modify/delete them at your convenience.

We encourage you to be as flexible as possible in your travel plan (regarding your travel dates and preferred destinations) at the beginning of your search in order to receive the most suggestions possible to then narrow your search.


4/ Don’t forget to send a message to your future host :)

Once you find a listing that interests you, start a conversation with the host to ask them if they are able to receive you before launching a reservation request. If they refuse, try another listing! If they accept, finalize the reservation process together according to the details that you both agree on. Ask your host for more information on their accommodation and the details of your stay in their home.


All of these tips are also small details that will increase others’ desire to host you and will radically increase your chances of being successful in your searches.


Good to know: you are able to list your home on Trampolinn even if you are renting your home and are not the homeowner! Since there is no transaction of money on Trampolinn, nothing is illegal!  

Now you have no more excuses! Complete your profile and search for the perfect accommodation for your next vacation!