What is Trampolinn ?


The concept

  1. Trampolinn is a home swap community that allows flexible and non-mutual exchanges.
  2. Trampolinn connects members of the plateform who want to travel to another member's property according to several criteria :
    • available dates of the property
    • localisation (city, countryside, beach...)
    • amenities
    • size of the home
    • capacity (number of persons allowed)
  3. Our platform is based on a point system which solves the exchange reciprocity's problem of classical home exhange websites
    • when you host a member you don't have to go to his home at the same time
    • by hosting a member, you earn points that you can use to travel to the member's property of your choice, whenever you want
  4. Our goal is to link people from all over the world and to give the opportunity to every member to discover a country like a local. Live their day-to-day life to experience and share authentic moments.
  5. Everything for free: accomodation budget represents more than half of the vacation expenses. 


Why you should join Trampolinn

  1. Being a Trampolinn member, it is joining a community that shares strong values around travel, exchange and culture sharing.
  2. Be part of this network, it's being host and guest at the same time, meeting new open-minded people, discovering new countries and atypical places, doing all of this saving money.
  3. Joining the Trampolinn community means to be willing to host in the best possible conditions, to be the nicest guest with the proper behavior and to demonstrate a good communication in order to have the best experience on the website.
  4. If you share these values, our values ? Join the community right now.

The Trampolinn benefits

• It’s free! Save money on your future trips

• Take advantage of the concept flexibility thanks to the points system allowing the non-mutual swapping

• Benefit from a home fully equiped 

• Meet new people from all over the world

• Live like a local not like a tourist

• Take advantage of your host's advice and tips in your trip preparation and while you're there

• Travel in a more sustainable way : Trampolinn has an ecological development approach by offering an alternative to hotels or vacation villages ruining the local landscape.

• Use your property to travel with equity (thanks to our algoryhtm point evaluation) as owner or tenant

• Protect yourself against eventual burglaries during your absence: the insurances encourage the house swapping as a sort of guarding.