The point system ? 


Why points?

  1. Trampolinn created points as a virtual money. Those points are useful to evaluate the different listings on Trampolinn and it also gives more equity to the home swapping.
  2. Basically, your accomodation gets a point valuation. It allows to simplify the exchange with flexibilty which is missing on others home exchange websites : the reciprocity (A stays at B’s home while B stays at A’s home) is not necessary anymore : the exchange can be non-mutual.
  3. By hosting a member in your home, you will earn points that you can then use to travel wherever and whenever you want.


How can I earn point ?

  • By creating a listing of your accommodation 
  • By hosting members
  • By filling completely your listing (100%)
  • By filling completely your profile (100%)
  • By inviting friends to join our community thanks to the referral program
  • By buying points 


How the point valuation of my accommodation is calculated ? 

  1. The value in points of your accommodation is determined by all the criteria given when you fill the registration form.
  2. It's a theoretical value used to evaluate your accommodation (house, apartment, room, couch…) automatically thanks to our smart algorithm. This is why it's really important to fill the form meticulously.
  3. Your property corresponds to a certain amount of points. These points represent the value for one night, which means the number of points you are going to earn per night by hosting a member.