Press release

The home sharing community between private individuals

Finding an accommodation for free around the world, feeling like home while being host within local communities, is now possible thanks to Trampolinn. Trampolinn, the new home sharing community between private individuals is going to stir up your way of travelling and multiply your holiday’s spots!


Passionate about travels, on foot or cycling, for fun or for work, Hugo has for a few years settled in more than 50 countries. Becoming an expert of the different « travel tips » platforms on the web, he soon noticed that housing in France was quite empty. Having experienced the hospitality of local inhabitants, he then had the idea to create a traveler community with people being both hosts and guests. The idea is to exchange sleeping on a couch with a room or even a whole house, and being able to travel for free. At this time of the story, appeared Sébastien, web developer, also passionate about meeting people and travels, who is going to think about the product and its form. The adventure started with the creation of Trampolinn in 2013!



Trampolinn is a house sharing community platform between private individuals ( We offer our members to become both hosts and guests to make available their places (either a whole house or flat, a room, a couch) in order to host other members of the community. Every time a member is hosting somebody of Trampolinn, it brings him points, those can then be used to travel for free in other places within the community.

Being part of the new wave of collaborative economy, Trampolinn is a real network of housing between people and bring together thousands of travelers from the four corners of the world. Free, friendly and with no reciprocity conditions like most of the housing exchange websites, Trampolinn is an innovative concept which will become an indispensable tool to organize your holidays!



By becoming a member of Trampolinn, you will join a community with strong values about travel, exchange and sharing. By being a member, you will be a host and a guest, meet new people, explore new areas, near your home or at the other side of the world, saving money while sharing experiences with locals.







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