Is it safe ?

securite trampolinn

The concept of home exchange used by Trampolinn is a perfectly legal practice and is even encouraged by insurers because having trustworthy guests in your home during your absence will discourage potential burglars.  A housing exchange is not viewed as a financial transaction; it is considered as a simple stay with friends and as such is fully covered by your property and liability insurance. Just inform your insurer that you have houseguests and you will be covered in case of any damage (check with your insurer for details).


At Trampolinn, we take all possible precautions to ensure that your exchange is done safely, namely:

1. A secure connection to the website (HTTPS certificate);

2. A moderator whose job is to monitor the quality and compliance of profiles and published listings;

3. Detailed user profiles which include:
- Comments and ratings by other members of the community;
- The integration of eRated tools into our platform.  This allows our members to link other social and marketplace accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, eBay, LinkedIn, etc., to their Trampolinn profile and thus earn more trust and confidence among other members;

4. Multiple identity checks by means of:
- A government-issued photo ID (Passport, Driver’s License or other valid ID);
- Social Network Profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, G +);
- A valid email address;
- A valid telephone number.

The Trampolinn community is based on honesty and trust, and the safety features described above are meant to provide a higher level of security, you should also be aware of our “best practices”.  These are described in detail on our "Receive a Member" page.  Following these “best practices” will help ensure that your home exchange is a safe and enjoyable one.

If you have any questions or need more information, please e-mail us at